----------1993 - Viking Line

År 2000 flyttades runstenen till glasväggen

My next runestone stands in a the harbour of
Viking Line, in Stockholm. From the beginning it was standing in center of the entré but today it´s moved on the left side, up to the window wall.

Runic inscription: Mighty ship still going east. Viking Line raised, Kalle carve the stone

Thousand years ago and more, Swedish vikings traveled to the east, to Russia and by the rivers, all the way to Arab countries for silver. To day, the big Viking Line ferry boat still go the same way.

Viking Lines runsten 1993

In the autumn 1993 I was contacted by a journalist from the famous news paper, Dagens Industri or Today's industry
The thought that I had a unusual business idea and wanted do a reportage. I've got a full page, in that for me, unknown news paper.

The days after I was contacted by many big company ho like to have a rune stone as a monuments over the company and private people ho like to commemorate their on activation in life.

But I had not enough of experience to handle this big chance, I was not ready for it. Only the next two runestones was carved in the spring and summer 1994.

In 1997, workmen at the Viking Line terminal was collecting to
a rune stone as a gift to their friend Jarl, ho just become retired.

They decided to order a small rune stone with a viking ship on.
Runic inscription: Thank you Jarl Håkan the viking
Runs in the ship:
INGLI (Short for Viking Line).

Runestone as a gift in 1997

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