----------1994 - The Securitas runestone

In the winter of 1994, Securitas, today a world leading security company, was working with the construction for a new headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

One morning the boss was reading the news paper Today's industry (Dagens Industri) and found a reportage about a runestone carver who made new runestones on order.

He realized that he had just found the solution for decoration in the new headquarters entrance. He took the stairs down to the architect to tell him about his idea. Surprised he met the architect already half way up the stairs, he was on his way up to the boss with the same idea and the same news paper in his hand.

Three months later a 1 000 kilo heavy rune stone was raised in the entrance building with a mighty thud.

Picture on the Securitas runestone
The stone as I found it. I´ts a printpaper on the top and snow
I was searching to find the right 
type of stone. I found it in Vätö 
stonemasonry, in the old quarry a 
100 kilometer north of Stockholm.

A break in the sun, early spring in 1994

Early in the spring, when the sun began to warm up the landscape, I started to carve.

Länk till Securitas

The Securitas headquarter is lit up and big, the walls
are made of windows and the floor are made of marble.

The runestone is pleaced in the center of this room.
It's made of beautiful reddish granite. A piece of nature,
a piece of Nordic art. 

Runic inscription: Honesty, vigilance, helpfulness. (One word for each dot in the companys logo.
On the side:
Kalle rista (Kalle carved stone).

Securitas runestone in the entré

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