----------1995 - The fireplace runestone

The beautiful fireplace with the runestone at the front An unusual runestone are this 10 feet wide fire safe
runic slab in front of a fireplace in a hunting cottage.

In the winter of 1994-95 I was interviewed in a
radio program about my art and handicraft. 

A construction firm "YA Bygg" heard the program and
decided to order a special runestone for decoration
and to protect the house from jumping glow.

At the time I was carving the runestone,
the construction firm was building the fireplace with
the same kind of granite as I used for the rune stone.

The result became unique and tasteful.
The runestone was made by two blocks, each one
was only one inch thick and it chimed like a bell
every time the sledgehammer hit the chisel.

Me at work with the runic poem
I'm carving the poem. 
Cut out picture of the runic slab Runic inscription: (left side)
The nature contain beauty, life and death.
It can be cruel, but also give us bread.
The wise hunter defend the balance in nature and hunt quarry with humble and respect

Runic inscription: (Right side)
Leif order this, Kalle carved


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