----------1995 - The blue runestone

Spring 1995, together with the theater "Gerlögs rune" I 
carved a small, thin and easy to carry runestone suitable 
for expeditions and transport.

Because it's my private stone I decided that it was time 
to try out some other, more daring colors. When I had 
carved the ornamentation, the body was painted blue and the 
pamphlet in gold. The eye was painted with a rusty iron oxide 
and linseed oil during the Stockholm water festival in august.

Den blå runstenen bearbetas för hand med slägga och järn


Later that fall, someone came down to Tyresta village in Haninge and stole it.

Today it probably stands as an ornament in a house or an apartment, maybe it's been sold.

The Stones surface is about 70 x 50 cm.
It's thin and weighs 50 - 70 Kg.

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< by Sune Fridell (130 Kb)

Pamflett i guld på den ännu omålade blå runstenen

Pamphlet in gold

I would very much like 
to get my stone back.

Hereby I put out an award of 2 000 Skr to the one that can give me enough information to make my runestone find it's way home again.


Den blå runstenen i Tyresta by 1995

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