----------1995 - The Gerlög runestone

"Gerlögs rune"
is a theatre performance with its premier on Adelsö in 1995. In proximity to the show there was a Viking age village where I worked as a rune carver.

The meaning was that the runestone would belong to the theatre every year it returned, but the show have let await itself and doesn't seem to recur before the summer of 2002.

Maybe the work with the runestone will proceed, but perhaps it will be saved as it is, a memory. Maybe there will be a new runestone or rune slab carved for the next assembly that then becomes both bigger and yet more organized.

The theatre is based upon six runic inscriptions 

Drakarna på nya Gerlögs runsten.

that Gerlög and her daughter Inga let carve in Hilleshög / Ekerö municipality and Snottsta in Vallentuna. The original of the runeslab here below is carved by Torbjörn bard in the 11th century, on Gerlögs request.

The Runeslab wes carved late in Gerlögs life when she could look back at everything. The rune slab have Upplands (The middle part of Sweden) longest rune inscription and gives us, along with Ingas runestones, a unique knowledge about the society, heritage and the woman's position in 11th century.

Runristning pågår

The rune inscription on U 29 freely translated:

Germund got Gerlög as wife when still a maiden. Before Germund drowned they got a son. The son died later on. Gerlög then got Gudrik as husband. He...this... then they got children but only one of the children survived, she was named Inga.

Ragnfast in Snottsta got Inga as wife, then he died, and also their son died. Inga inherited her son. Then Inga got Erik as husband before she died herself. Gerlög inherited all after Inga, her daughter.
/ Torbjörn bard carved runes.

During the time Inga lived in Snottsta she let carve four runestones that all can complete this rune inscription. All together this gives us an insight in these women's life's that there now is fully possible to do theatrical version of Gerlögs colorful life.

Runhäll U29 i Hilleshög, avritad, färglagd rekonstruktion.

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