----------1996 - Håtuna holm

Frilagd bild på runstenen på Håtuna holm i Bro

This is how Håtuna Holm got their runestone:
The two brothers Kåre and Håkan lives on Håtuna Holm, a mansion in the community of Bro, a couple of miles north of Stockholm. The older brother Håkan were about to turn 50. Kåre, the younger brother, had an idea for a present...

Some time ago Håkan had found a rock out on the field that looked like a real runestone. He'd let it be reised on his own land as if it had been a real runestone. Now that Håkan was about to turn 50, Kåre stole the stone, covered the hole with 
branches and sticks and shipped the stone to have it carved.

Together we came up with a suithing Runinscription:
Håkan on Håtuna 50 years, many things he did.
Friends raised the stone. Kalle carved.

The runes and ornamentation got painted. It was 
time to begin the carving. It was a bitter cold February.

I thought that I had plenty of time to finish the work 
in the cold although the stone was "rockhard", and 
chimed like a bell every time I hit the surfice.

But suddenly Kåre calls me and says: My brother 
has just discovered that the stone is gone, he's furious 
and went to the police to reported the stone stolen. 
You have to finish the stone so that we can have it 
brought back here as soon as possible.

Runristning vintertid har sina frostiga sidor...
Romrskt årtal - 50 år skrivet med ett L I carved and carved, froze and carved. Now I 
got a lesson on how to keep my fingers warm.

You heat up your tools on the stove and put them 
in a mitten. When the tools you are working 
with gets cold you change to the ones that are 
hot and nice from the mitten.

There are no numbers in the Futhark, so used 
roman numbers instead. 50 was carved with an

Finally the runestone was finished and Håkan took back 
his report and order was restored on the mansion.

Today the stone stands raised on Håtuna Holm, and next to 
it stands a sign with a description of a runestone that's a bit younger than usual.

This I know because I was there a hot summers day in 1996, a much warmer day then when the runestone were to be carved.

Runstenen på sin plats igen med informationsskyllt

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