Gerlögs rune stone

Unfinished, no inscription

Gerlögs Runa (rune), was a theater that was played on Adelsö 1995. In conjunction with the show there was built a Viking village where I was included as a rune carver.

The idea was to work with the rune stone from one year to another but the show stops and reappeared first in 2005 and then in smaller format and with a new name: "Runornas röst" (Voice of the runes).


Pictures above - Reconstruction of the original Gerlögs rune slab U 29

The Theatre "Gerlögs Runa" is based on inscriptions from six ancient rune stones which Gerlögs mother and her daughter Inga let carved 1,000 years ago.

The daughter Inga let raise four rune stones in the area Snåttsta as memory rune stones and inheritance document. Along with Gerlögs large rune slab we have unique knowledge of contemporary society, inheritance rules and the woman's strong position in the Viking Age.

Free translation of Gerölgs runhäll, U 29, (The longest inscription in Uppland).

Decipher (left dragon's eye).
(lost part of the stone, but probable continuation in the right dragon's eye).

Germund got Gerlög as a wife as maiden.
Before Germund drowned they had a son who died.

Gerlög now had Gudrik to husband.
He said.?. this.?.
(a part of the stone is destroyed here and runes are gone).
.. then they got children, but only one survived, a daughter named Inga.

Ragnfast in Snåttsta got Inga as a wife, then he died and later his son.
Inga now came to inherit from her son.

Then Inga get Eric to husband be before she died.
Gerlög now inherited everything after her daughter Inga, her daughter.

/ Torbjorn the rune poet carved.


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