got a runstone as headstone

Runic inscription:

Erik och Maria lät resa stenen efter Tir sin son

Erik and Maria let raise this stone after Tir their son

When Tir, too young, passed away, it was a runestone who would adorn the grave at Skogskyrkogården.

Tir's parents wanted a red rune stone of red granite.

Picture below: Red Vånga granite, wet with rain.

The runstone topic in November 2017

Cemetery in summer 2018

January 2018: The work has just begun. Mars 2018: Almost everything is carved.
Tue had a dog that he sketched. Dragons can be unreliable so Tirs dog may guard too. A part of Tir's original drawing on his dog. I tried to copy the artwork with my sledgehammer and chisel.
Tir carried a hammer of Thor in Silver through life... and it is also included on the rune stone.