----------1997 - The stone of the Gods

A rune carver needs an own rune stone.
A runestone that is right carved, beautiful and has an rune inscription that's historical important and interesting.

A 1000 kilo raw Vätö granite became the foundation.
The ornamentation is unique urne-style with a rune inscription that confirms the religious freedom of our time and my own work for Nordic folk tradition and culture.

Runeinscription (swedish): Gamla gudar glädjas när folket frestar forn tro att vist visa vägen fram igen

Rune inscription: Old gods rejoice when the people tempts old beliefs to wisely show the way once again

Urnestil på ny runsten

Observe the alliteration, a form of righting where three word after each other starts with the same rune. (In the Swedish inscription) Some of the runes are "bind runes" where two runes share the same head staff. A way of saving space.

Because the runestone is mine I took the opportunity to experiment with different colors and 
shapes. Some blue shades were quickly changed into the more neutral red/brown color.
Fem bilder på hur en ny runsten utvecklas
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Asatro i tiden
Fredrik Skott
ISBN 91-7229-009-9
ISSN 1404-6105

If you wonder about the pagan inscriptions I 
recommend this book written by Fredrik Skott >

Dialekt-, ortsnamns- och folkminnesarkivet in Göteborg
Information about believe in old gods in Sweden to day.

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