----------1997 - The Rumskulla runestone

En runsten i smålands djupa skogar Deep in the forest in the southern part of Sweden, a thousand year old oak is growing.
It's called the Rumskulla oak or the Kville oak.

Not far from this enormous oak lives Gert. His interest in past times has lead him to build two new viking houses, one longhouse and a "outhouse". Nearby these houses 
he's got a little café where people  that's visited the big oak, can take a rest. But Gert thought that a couple of viking houses should  Vikingatida hus i Kville / Småland
also have a massive runestone to complement them. 
The spring of 1997 I was visiting with a couple of friends. A big stone was then painted for carving.

Gert came up with a very personal and powerful inscription.
Gert raised stone in memory over place he ruled him self, Kalle carved.
Rumskullaeken - Sveriges äldsta ek If you're on your way to see the oak in Rumskulla?
Then I recommend that you pay Gert a visit. I usually sleep in the long house where the flames from the fireplace inspires to songs and poetic sagas until the morning makes her appearance.
Contact Gert for more 
information about how 
to travel, where to eat 
and sleep.
Gert Christie
Norra Kvill
590 80 Södra vi
Tfn: 0496-430 31

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