----------1997 - The globe of sacrifice

Vart gille jag gödas skall till árs och fridhar An of ice age tumbled and grind granite becomes a holy stone. In almost three year it had waited in my stone collection in order to become something.

In the spring of 1997 I carved a runestone in "Skytteholms kursgårds" show-case in Stockholm International fairs. The Show-case was small, so I needed a small stone to work with. 

I looked long on a stoneglobe in my collection, a stone that I hadn't managed to come up with anything on what it should become.

Then came the inspiration... The round stone got, a rune inscription, images and importance, all was sketched up during one evening. The stone globe became a holy stone.

The pictures displays a successful guild, a festival with food, beverage, dance and folk musicians. A image displays furthermore how to use the stone. Two more images is to be carved on the backside of the stone.

The rune inscription is personal, here the stone speaks with its own words. It desires attention and want to be a part of guild and feast in order to give us happiness and welfare in the future.

The bowl on the peak of the globe is the place for donations. Here one give something that is important for one self, food, coins or beverage, something that you want to keep but now is given to the stone instead.

The token is more important then the gift. To show respect for the stone is to show respect for our nature, the nature that we are depending of for our survival, the nature that we all to often, harvest and destroy. 

Rune inscription (Swedish):
Vart gille jag gödas skall, till árs och frithar

Rune inscription:
Every guild I shall be fed, for honor and pease
(Some of the runes are "bind runes") >

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"Árs och frithar" is ancient Nordic and resembles something like a happy new year.

Kalle Runristare arbetar med ett granitklot

The stone, that is of reddish granite, was found in a sand ridge from the ice age on the way to Dalarö, some ten kilometers south of Stockholm, there of its roundness.

The pictures is carved in simple embossment, the runes are carved normally. The motifs are taken out of my own reality and displays a successful guild with food, beverage, dance and music. 

Observe the cat Rune, my companion beneath all, that inspects the contents of the pot.

Since the stone isn't that big, and doesn't weigh all that 
much, it has accompanied me on different exhibitions and 
exhibitions. It is at these opportunities that the most of the 
carving has been done. 

In the image I receive a royal visit by princess Lillian in the 
SIS show-case, (Stockholm Information Service) during the 
TUR99 fair in Gothenburg.

It felt safe when Princess Lillian said:
"If you need help to carve in the future, just call me..."

Prinsessan Lilian besöker mässan i Göteborg - TUR99

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