----------1997 -  Pegasus

Pegasus runsten

Marcus Hobring from Adelsö were to carve a runestone as a EU-project in his school. The Project was called The Pegasus project and the pupils were to build up a exchange-exhibition that would tour around Europe and show our culture and history.

Nothing became of the Pegasus project, the runestone didn't come any longer than to the school on Ekerö... furthermore it disappeared through mysterious circumstances and is now reported stolen.

Kalle Dahlberg - Runan K och dal och berg, en signatur.

Rune inscription:
Birkasponsor raised stone to Pegasus, Marcus carved. 
(My signature is on the inner loops lower left side).

Flitigt ristade vi runor och ornamentik

We were short on time and we often carved to very late at night.

One of us fell asleep even before he had had time to go to bed.

Akut sömnbrist

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