----------Runestone in memory of Leif Eriksson 
----------discovery of North America in yare 1000

Platsen för Leif Erikssons runsten på Vinland, vänd mot norr

The Leif Eriksson runestone was 
planed and carved on Adelsö in Sweden 
during the period January to July 2000.

The 2 meter high runestone weighs 1,7 ton.

It stands to day at the northern cape of Newfoundland, 
near the viking habitant that was found in the 60's by the Norwegian couple Helge and Anne Stine Ingestad.

Leif Erikssons runsten på Vinland

Vinland 1

Follow the entire work in the spring and summer of year 2000 on Adelsö, from search for a good stone to the completed runestone on way against Gothenburg and north America.

Vinland 2

My journey to northern Newfoundland there the runestone became raised under the big event with more then 15 000 people was a big adventure. Approx 80 photo

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