----------2002 - The Carlsund  Runestone

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The originally stone came from the owners on farm in Västerhaninge, 40 kilometer south of Stockholm. The family had two wishes about the ornament, a cross of the same type as the Vinland runestone and a Icelandic horse that running in a special way, running in tölt. 

Rune inscription: 

Lotta and Joachim and Therese and Richard, all Carlsund, let 
raise the stone and build the house at own property
/ Kalle carve

On a CD from the Swedish historical museum "Vikingarnas Tid" 
(the Viking Time) it is this runestone I'm carving on to teach hove to carve a runestone. This CD has been send to all Swedish schools as education to Swedish history. 
Read more here > (only Swedish)

In the film: Viking Voyages - (produced and directed by Bo Landin, a co-production with Discovery Channel) is a clip with three rune carvers working on the same stone, the Carlsund runestone. 

The clip is there because of new evidence found with laser scanning on chisel marks on old runestones. Now we know that it have been up to three rune carvers on one runestone.

See a small clip of the film here > (no carving in the clip)


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