----------The HSB runestone

Almost 40 years ago HSB built residents nearby the center of Haninge. 
There was a big block of granite in the construction area that was to big to be moved. 
Instead a park and footpaths at the location. The tenant-owners' society that were 
created was named Runstenen (the runestone). 

34 years later, in the year 1996

The chairman of the society, Anita Callander, visits Tyresta by (an old yard nearby Tyresta Åva National park) and finds me, Kalle rune carver.
(At the time I had my place of work next to the rippling brook that flows through the area).

When Anita saw that I carved runestones an idea was born: Their society with the name "the runestone" should have their own runestone?!

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Spring 2001 
When the planning of their 40-year anniversary began to take chap, the idea about an own runestone became of interest. By this time I, Kalle rune carver, had moved to Adelsö, so here is where they found me and a runestone could be ordered.

In the spring 2002 it was time for transport. 
Due to a tough winter and an earlier inauguration date than planed, the decision was made to move the stone to Adelsö and let it be carved there. A big crane lorry got the job to move the stone.


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The autumn 2001 the stone is examined and granted as a runestone-material. 16 april 2002.
The crane lorry from 
Haninge Åkeri lifts the 
erratic block for transport.
The trip to Adelsö has 
began. A picture taken 
trough the rear-view mirror.

The journey continues troughout our beautiful landscape. 
From Haninge we took the beautiful Länna road trough Huddinge and took the ferry from Slagsta to Ekerö. We continued trough Ekerö and Munsö and another ferry to get to Adelsö. The toughest part was the narrow road up to the place where the stone would stand during the carving in the runestoneshop. Everything went fine and after a while the big stone had taken its rightful place.
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The block leaves 
the ferry to Adelsö. 
Here the 8,5 ton runestone-
material is put in place.
Early spring and the 
carving can begin.

Before a runestone can be carved, a rune inscription and ornamentation must be decided.
Information about the ornamentation and the hedgehog here >>>

The rune inscription was commonly decided by the living in "Runstenen" and is as follows: 
Living of many cultures in the tenant-owners' society Runstenen let rais stone to commemorate 
forty good years. Let comfort continue and peace on earth.
Kalle carved. 

The work can begin 

23 june - The edge lines are being carved

Almost the entire ornamentation is now painted on the stone. I have already began to carve along the edge where the stone is most fragile.

If anything should go wrong here I can still correct the rest of the ornamentation. 

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30 june - Bridge and a dragons head

On the Tuesday the society will come on their first visit. Because of the stones height it's hard to se the ornamentation from the ground, so I've built a bridge to make it easier for them. The edge lines and the dragonhead are done. All carved lines will be painted black so it can be seen more easily by the visitors. 

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2 july - Visit 1 out of 3

With a hired bus the visitors arrive at Hovgården. I take them on a
Historic Tour trough Hovgården and show them the viking kings runestone, U11. After the tour they have some coffee and with satisfied bellies we continue the journey to their own runestone in Lindby, about 2 km south. 

With pictures, paintings and a partly carved runestone I inform about how the work is going and how it's planed to proceed. During their visit a part of the dragons neck gets carved. 

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10 - 17 july - The Ornamentation takes shape
As soon as I've carved a bit I paint the carved line so that the work can be seen more easily. 
A close up of the tails end 
of the snake before the 
carved line is painted. 
A picture in direct light of 
the newly carved and 
partly painted snake.
The hole lower part 
of the ornamentation 
is now complete.

28 july - Visit 2 out of 3 - We visit Birka
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The tenant-owners' society 
took their members on a 
new adventure. We took a 
Historic Tour that continued 
onto Birka.
Here we are at Borg, 
Birka garrison and defense. 
A big flat rock by the 
entrance to Borg got a 
lot of attention.
Well back on Adelsö we 
continued to their runestone 
where the 114 runes had been painted. As a lesson in carving, the first rune, B, was carved. 

15 aug - Visit 3 out of 3 - Once again we visit Hovgården and Birka.
Today's visit included both a historic tour in Hovgården and a visit at Birka. 

During today's excursion 
we saw a superb theatric performance of "Sigurd Faffnersbane" (a saga in 
Nordic mythology) that was played by
Kompani bastard outside the Birka museum.
Här planerar Regin hur Sigurd ska strypas...
When we got back 
to Adelsö the visitors inspected their 
runestone and I even got some help to carve by Kurt Jansson.
God hugghjälp av Kurt

20 aug - A new runestone see the brake of dawn
The last of the ornamentation and runes were carved today. 
No matter what happens, from today the world's got a new runestone. 
Närbild på sista runan som huggs What's left is to carve the hedgehog and to paint everything. 
The 31 of august the runestone has to be done. Then it's suppose to be 
Målningen har påbörjats
It's journey towards the future has now began. uncovered in conjuction with the societys 40-year celebration at 12 o'clock am in Haninge.

27 aug - The hedgehog is now done
Tonight the last of the hedgehog was carved. 
When darkness came it had even been painted and I am pleased with the result. It became a nice little fellow that during Saturdays celebration got the name "rune". 

Runstenens igelkott - Klicka för förstorad bild


The 30 of august
The runestone is transported back to Haninge
Friday morning, the same man that had transported the 8,5 ton block to Adelsö on the 16 of April now came to get a completed runestone full of ornamentation, a hedgehog and 114 runes. 
Runstenen lämnar Adelsö med färja
The runestone boards 
the ferry from Adelsö.
Här blir runstenen rest i Haninge
Carefully the stone is raised into position.

A hole is dug for the information sign.
Skyllten med info om runstenen
The information is shown from the best view.

The 31 of august
The runestone is initialized and the 40-year celebration can begin...!
When the stone had been initialized and a speech had been given, mead was poured over the tip of the stone. Its journey in present time and into the future has now began. We sat ourselves done in a big tent in the park where a pig, roasted hole, was ready to be served.

The runestone
Big picture >

Uncovering and speech 
for a wide audience.

The runestone initialized with tasteful mead.

A roasted pig and some jokers were next.

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